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Current Status

May 2022

To help safeguard the turnaround time and allow us to work through the work on hand, we'll be taking another brief pause for a couple of weeks on any new submissions, with the aim to un-pause in early June, initially for existing customers - our desire very much is to avoid having lengthy turnaround times. Of course, we'll happily recieve any recent submissions agreed to - this includes part-submissions that are part of larger submissions, which would have been previously discussed with us.

On the plus side, our prices remain unchanged with no plans for further increases

CGC's turnaround time has improved in recent weeks, and we look forward to the next return from CGC which hopefully won't be much longer.

Looking further ahead to the Summer, it is our current plan to partner with Venova Collectibles for customers wishing to have books sent directly for grading after being pressed & cleaned. This will allow us to spend more time working on cleaning & pressing, whilst maintaining a streamlined process for pressing through to grading. We'll announce further details in due course, and of course this has no impact on current submissions or in the immediate short term.

As always, we are very grateful to all our customers, and continue to listen to all feedback, suggestions & ideas on how we can improve further. Many thanks - RJC Pressing

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