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What is comic cleaning and pressing?

Comic pressing is the practice of applying humidity, heat and pressure to a comic book to reduce or remove imperfections, and improving the appearance and value of it. Comic cleaning is the process applied to the book to address and surface marks or dirt, such as pencil lines, finger prints, grime or deposits. Dry cleaning will not remove tanning, stains, pen or marker, sun shadows or foxing.

Should my book be pressed?

Pressing and cleaning of a comic aims to improve the overall condition of the book. This in turn helps to increase its value and appeal. This is cost effective, compared to the cost of acquiring another copy of the same book in a higher grade. Books of all ages can benefit from being pressed and cleaned - often the issues that cause a book to be graded low, such as a fingerprint or crease on a modern book, or stacking crease and surface dirt on a silver-age book, can be removed - greatly increasing the aesthetic and monetary value of the book.

What can be achieved?

It's important to realise that cleaning & pressing won't necessarily correct and remove all flaws. Some defects are, unfortunately, irreversible such as creases that break colour, missing chip pieces, tears, stains, detached staples, spine splits, fading, spine stress that break colour, rusty staples, rounded corners, pen marks, brittle pages.  A lot of other issues, however, can be addressed, such as dents, bends, folds, light creases, impacted corners &edges, warping, ripples, waviness, stacking bends, light cover impressions,  light pencil marks and dirt. All books are pre-screened before being worked to examine the extent to which each book will benefit from being treated.

Does CGC or CBCS consider pressing and cleaning as restoration?

No - grading companies do not consider dry cleaning or pressing as restoration.

Can I submit a book that has already been graded?

Yes -this is a common practice, aimed at improving the grade of a book that has already been encapsulated. During pre-screening, the book will be examined to determine if it would benefit from being released from the slab, treated and resubmitted for regrading.

Are my books safe?

Absolutely. Here, the utmost care is taken when handling your books. As avid collectors, it is fully appreciated just how much your books are worth to you, both financially and emotionally. Every care and attention to detail is taken during all stages, so you can be fully assured that your books are in the safest hands whilst in our care.

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